Tuition $500 per class


SDLAA is a vendor with

Inspire Charter Schools, 

Dehesa Charter School

National University Academy,  

Springs Charter School

Pathways Charter School.

If you are enrolled with a different charter school,

contact us about becoming a vendor for your school!


Students enrolled with these schools can use funds

to pay for all or part of tuition, and for required books and materials.

Payment plans available for families paying out of pocket.



Classes are open to students enrolled in private, public, and charter schools

throughout Southern California.

SDLAA classes meet weekly, on Mondays, between 9:00am and 2:00pm.
SDLAA teachers follow up class meetings with an email to students, parents,

and teachers (private, public, and charter schools)

summarizing class activities and assigning follow up activities for home.

SDLAA classes provide a full curriculum,

if all in-class and at-home assignments are completed. 

Foundational Classes

Ages 8-12

Grades 3-6