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  Language Arts & History

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Writing Explorers
Ages 11-14 / Grades 6-8
Students will build skills in critical thinking through the writing process. Students will create expository and persuasive essays and interest-based research reports. Students will choose topics based on their interests to foster a love for writing and gain an appreciation for how writing can help them communicate and empower them throughout their lives.  They will gain practice in completing the five steps of writing: brainstorming, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. During the first two steps, students will brainstorm topics, develop their ideas, and create a first draft. During the next two steps, students will apply grammar and punctuation rules and develop skills for using transitions and sentence and vocabulary variety. And finally -- students will share and publish their writing to experience the joy of self-publishing.

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Humanities (U.S. History & American Literature)
Ages 14-18 / Grades 9-12
Mondays 9:00 - 10:30am
Learn about US History and American Literature in a truly Liberal Arts model. Integrating the study of US History and the corresponding American Literature deepens learning. Students enrolled in grades 9-12, can earn double credit in both US History and English by attending this class and completing at-home follow up assignments. Class time focuses on collaborative activities, including Socratic Discussions and Simulations.  Students will also learn and refine essay writing skills to use throughout high school and college courses.

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