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STEM: Love of Science & Math
Ages 8-12 / Grades 3-5
Join us for hands-on projects in math and science! Students of all abilities in math and science will have fun, working in small groups with other students. We want to inspire students to love math and science and to see where it is in the real world and in their own lives. Fun and positive experiences are the keys in this class!
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Jurassic Planet Adventure
General Science Class

Ages 11 – 14 / Grades 6-8
Using the methodology of Edularp (Educational Live Action Role Play), students will work together to explore a new planet, filled with new creatures. They will learn about biology, genetics, dinosaurs, how to engineer life, space travel, anatomy, and of course scientific method!
Our world is in ruins. War, famine, pestilence, and death have run rampant. We are currently exploring a new planets, in the Nibaru system, as our potential new home. We have to prepare this new world, before Earth is uninhabitable. We are preparing to terraform these new worlds. YOU will be part of this elite group, to help us terraform these new planets. You are the best and brightest. That is why you have been called up as part of our front line troops to Forward Base Epsilon to help us solve the problems and breathe life into these harsh new worlds.

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Biology with Labs
Ages 14-18 / Grades 9-12
This is a lab-based Biology class, meeting CA high school requirements and building students’ content knowledge of Biology as well as skills in conducting scientific experiments and composing lab reports. This course utilizes McGraw-Hill online Biology etext and other online resources. Class time focuses on discussions, hands-on & collaborative activities, labs, and quizzes. At-home follow up assignments include researching topics in textbook and/or additional sources, chapter-end review questions, and reviewing class notes. Final project will be to create your own creature, using Linnaeus’ Taxonomy!

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